Create a custom New Item or Edit Form

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One of the intriguing aspects of the NewForm.aspx or EditForm.aspx in Sharepoint 2007 is that the fields are not displayed and hence not editable. For instance, you may wish to selectively hide certain columns either in a New Item form or Edit form. This article outlines the steps required to accomplish this as well as the limitations that arise out of such modification. Sharepoint Designer is required for this.

  • Open the List that you wish to modify using SP Designer
  • Select File > New > Create from Master Page from the SP Designer menu
  • This creates a new master page in SP Designer – Switch to ‘Split’ view
  • Click in the ‘Design’ mode.
  • Click on the arrow to the right and select ‘Create Custom Content’

  • Now place the cursor in the design page and select Insert > Sharepoint Controls > Custom List Form from the menu
  • This displays ‘List or document library to use for form’ window
  • Select the ‘List’ for which you wish to create the custom form and the ‘Content type to use for the form’ (select item for this field)
  • Select the appropriate ‘Type of form to create’ (New, Edit, or Display)
  • To display the standard toolbar select that check box
  • Click ‘OK’ to create – this creates a new custom form.
  • Save the new form as NewForm1.aspx

Note that all the fields are displayed in SP Designer now allowing you to manipulate as required.

Associating the NewForm1.aspx to the list

  • In SP Designer select the list to which you wish to associate the new form – this can be seen from the ‘Folder List’ that is displayed on the left Navigation
  • Right-click on the folder and select ‘Properties’
  • Open ‘Supporting Files’ tabbed region
  • Ensure you select the right Content Type for the form in the Content type specific forms field
  • Click the ‘Browse’ button for either the New item or Edit item to which you wish to associate the new custom form
  • Select the new custom form created and click ‘Apply’ and click ‘OK’

Known Issue(s)

Attachment function does not work when a custom form is used. When the ‘Attach File’ icon is clicked, you get a message ‘The form was customized not working with attachment’


Refer to the following Microsoft article for a possible resolution to the above issue.

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