Create Macro Button in Excel 2007

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This article outlines the steps required to create macro button. For example, if you have a macro enabled worksheet and would like the user to have the option to refresh data as required, have a macro button in the worksheet to initiate refresh of the data. The refresh data cited is just an example. This article is for Excel 2007. If you are interested for Excel 2003. click here

Click ‘Office Button’ icon found on the menu region

Select ‘Excel Options’

Select ‘Customize’

Select ‘Macros’ from the ‘Choose commands from’ pop list

Select the ‘Macro’ for which a button is to be created and click ‘Add’. The macro is now moved to the right-side region (In the screen print, Format and Refresh are the two macros)

Select the macro and click ‘Modify’

Optionally change the name of the macro and if required change the image

Click ‘OK’ to complete.

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