Sharepoint Row Highlight using Behaviors

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If you have a long list of items in a Sharepoint list, you may find it convenient to highlight the current row the cursor is on. While there are couple of ways of accomplishing this, this article explains the method of highlighting using Behaviors in Sharepoint Designer. Several tasks can be done using Behaviors, this article highlights one of them.

Behaviors consist of an Event and an Action and helps to add features without programming. In this example, row highlight will be done using behaviors.

  • Open the Sharepoint list that requires row highlight using Sharepoint Designer
  • Right-click on the list and select ‘Convert to XSLT Data View’
  • Select Format > Behaviors from the menu. Note that the Behaviors region is displayed at the right bottom portion
  • Select a row (list item, all columns)
  • Select Insert > Change Property. This displays Change Property window

Behavior Insert Nebu

  • Click ‘Borders’ and then the ‘Shading’ tabbed region
  • Select the required ‘Background color’ and choose OK
  • In the ‘Change Property’ window, check ‘Restore on mouseout event’ checkbox and click OK

Open the sharepoint list and notice that the selected row is highlighted with the selected color. Quite useful for long running lists reviewed online.

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