Setting Brother MFC – 490CW Wireless Printer

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Brother MFC – 490CW is a multi-function printer with fax, print, photocopy, and scan features. It can be connected either in wired or wireless.  Only one mode can be used at a time. This article outlines the steps to setup in wireless mode that enables more than one PC to utilize the services.

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Configure Brother MFC -490CW (hereinafter called the Printer) with SSID of your wireless router:

  • Press Menu button in the Printer
  • Select Network
  • Select WLAN, click OK
  • Select Setup Wizard, click OK
  • Select SSID of your wireless router and complete the settings such as entering the key values

This completes configuring the printer with the SSID of your wireless router.

Verify IP Address of the Printer

  • Press Menu button
  • Select Network
  • Select WLAN
  • Select TCP/IP, click OK
  • Make a note of the IP Address displayed

Verify IP Address of Computer

  • Open command prompt (in Windows XP, Start > Run and enter cmd and in Windows 7
  • enter ipconfig
  • Note the IP address displayed

Verify IP Address of Printer and Computer are in the same segmentation and the end address falls between 2 and 254

If they are the same, proceed with installing the software that came with the Printer

Example A:

PC IP Address:

Printer IP Address:

In the above example, the IP addresses are the same and the end address falls between 2 and 254

Example B:

PC IP Address:

Printer IP Address:

In the above example, the IP addresses are totally different though the end address falls between 2 and 254

If they are not the same, do the following:

  1. Reset the Network settings of the printer.  Now, check both IP Addresses. If they are still different, proceed to Step 2 below
  2. Change the BOOT method of the Printer to Static and enter the IP Address of the Computer. Then, proceed with the software installation

To change BOOT Method to Static, WLAN > TCP/IP > BOOT Method

Install Software

Follow the installation wizard to install the software. Because of firewall, you are prompted to change the firewall port settings. Please refer to the user guide from Brother that has the recommended port settings.


Why change the BOOT Method to Static?

If the IP address of the Computer and the Printer are different, the device (printer) is not found on the Network as the installation progresses.

Can the installation be successful without changing the Port settings?

The installation did succeed without changing the Port settings. The Printer works remotely. However, the other features were not tested.

I am able to print, but not able to use the scanner

Ensure that the IP address of the scanner is correct.

In Windows XP, goto Start > Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras

Right-click on the Brother device and select Properties

Open Network Setting tabbed region

Ensure that Specify your machine by address is checked, and the IP address is correct (use the same IP Address from the BOOT > Static setting stated earlier)

In Windows 7, similar steps

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